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You may be capable of forgiving, but the forgetting part is out of your hands. Forgiveness is nothing to scoff at though, it takes a hell of a person with a mighty generous heart to experience some type of traumatizing betrayal and accept an apology. And people can be ruthless, so it’s not a given that you’ll even receive an apology at all. It forces us to deal with the wrongdoings internally before we can move on with life. Still — as difficult as forgiving may be, it’s ultimately up to you. The forgetting however, is not.

People seem less and less thoughtful about their actions. A moment of pleasure is constantly being chosen over potential years of reliability and happiness. Then, when the flash of indulgence is over, consideration for what has been done begins. People may start to feel bad; others may just feel scared that the truth…

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I don’t believe in “leagues” when it comes to dating, because they are petty. I don’t believe people can be categorized and sorted in that way — put into different tiers of inherent good or bad — particularly based on something as fleeting and superficial as looks. If someone tells me that someone else is out of their league, I’ll usually laugh and tell them they’re being silly. But it’s a true shame that we actually think in these terms, and allow them to define what we think we should be going after in life.

I guess I’m lucky, in that I was always raised to believe I deserved the best. I wasn’t a daddy’s girl or a spoiled litle princess by any means, but I was raised to see that a woman is capable and deserving of all the great things that a man can achieve, and that she…

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Yes It was…

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Dating you was a nightmare. Not because you’re an awful person or because you did anything malicious. But when I fell in love with you it was clear that you didn’t give a shit about my feelings. Only your feelings. I was so stressed and wasted so much brain energy trying to read between the text messages — wait, does this gesture mean this? Does the fact that you paid me so much attention today mean something? Anything? You were a pain in the ass because I finally realized that all those times you cancelled plans we had, like the time I asked you to stay the night because my roomates were out of town, you told me your were sick.

But you weren’t sick, were you? At least not so sick that you couldn’t do what I saw photos of you doing on Facebook.

I don’t want anything…

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If you don’t like me, just say so 🙂

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When I see photos we’ve taken together, like the ones from the road trip we took from L.A. to Las Vegas that one time, I feel a kick in my stomach. There’s no stronger sign that you really like someone than feeling that kick. My smile turns wide and I can’t wait to see you again. I can’t wait to tell you about my day and to hear about yours. I can’t wait to make out with you, I can’t wait to be entirely yours.

But clearly you don’t feel the way I do, do you?

For some reason you keep me dangling by a thread, ready to access whenever you feel like it or get bored. I shouldn’t complain, though, because it’s my fault for not being strong enough to just let go. I’ve told you a thousand times the way I feel, in any number of ways. We…

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Hello world!

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